About Us

About Us

The Internet of Things (IoT), (sometimes referred to as the Internet of Everything) and Machine to Machine (M2M) are rapidly evolving phenomena touching almost every facet of our everyday lives, with connected devices reaching into the billions. However, the successful monetization of the IoT/M2M market takes more than just connected devices working together.

ExtremeIoT’s solutions empower businesses to realize the full potential of this market. By offering connectivity across multiple technologies through solid partnerships with top-tier global carriers, full visibility, control and management of the entire M2M estate, and a reliable, accurate, and comprehensive transaction management solution; the successful monetization of IoT/M2M business is now within the grasp of every corporation.

ExtremeIoT is Division of MTS (NASDAQ:MTSL), a global provider of innovative telecom solutions and services specifically designed to meet the challenges faced by enterprises and service providers. We leverage our 20 years of experience in telecom to provide both enterprise and service providers with the latest technology solutions and services to reduce expenses, simplify communication management, increase customer satisfaction, and grow revenues. MTS North America is headquartered in New Jersey, with an office in Atlanta. MTSs international headquarters is in Ra’anana, Israel.


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