Extreme Billing

Extreme Billing – the Robust, Secure, Cost-effective Global M2M and IoT Data Billing Platform

Extreme Billing - Secure, Accurate, Comprehensive

Traditionally, billing systems are complex to maintain and costly to customize. The huge ecosystem of connected devices, massive volumes of usage data, and recurring business inherent in the IoT/M2M sector require a billing system that is flexible, cost-effective, and enables you to bill anything that can be quantified; so that you can effectively support and monetize your IoT/M2M business.
Extreme Billing was designed to meet the needs of diverse use cases, multiple applications and industry verticals, support innovative business models as well as a variety of partnerships. The cloud-based solution facilitates usage based billing and enables clients to concentrate on business execution, safe in the knowledge that their transactions are supported by a secure billing system; customizable to their exact requirements. Similarly, being cloud-based means that it is scalable to support any demands requested of it.

Irrespective of the number of connected devices – hundreds or millions; accurate and reliable transaction management and the ability to drill down to the tiniest details of usage data are integral components in the success of your business strategy. Can be quantified and billed must be if you are to thrive in a competitive business environment.
Extreme Billing delivers high availability and reliability for any sized operation. The solution is quickly deployed and easy to configure. It maintains accuracy using continuous audit checks validations and verifications, and supports fraud management capabilities.
The product offering is further enhanced with a comprehensive set of features including complete customer management, service and usage billing, automated payment, trouble tickets and reports.
When implemented, Extreme Billing provides you with an accurate, comprehensive, and clear overview of all customer and partner accounts, providing real-time insight into precisely where your business stands at any given moment.

360° Customer Management

Extreme Billing provides you with complete real-time lifecycle customer management. Custom rate plans tailored to fit your unique business model are supported with alerts and traffic notifications, enabling you to optimize IoT roaming and reduce costly roaming connectivity charges. When you have complete access to all the key business data and processes generated by Extreme Billing, you will be ready to take control of your business and monetize your IoT/M2M services.

Customer Care
As a service provider you need to build relationships with your customers based on differentiated offerings that stand out from the crowd. Extreme Billing is an intuitive and user-friendly Web-based portal that easily captures all prerequisite customer information as well as monitoring and managing all financial aspects of the connected business including adding new services, monitoring invoice and usage relating queries, setting rates, monitoring spending levels, trouble tickets, notes and so much more.

Self-Care Portal
Extreme Billing provides you with a highly customizable, white label, customer self-care portal that provides your customers with secure access to their own personal information dashboard utilizing a standard Internet browser on a PC, tablet, or mobile phone. The dashboard allows customer to view their device information, current usage amounts and expected charges, financial transactions and invoices, contact support or file a trouble ticket, and generate data reports.

Customer Support
Extreme Billing’s comprehensive trouble ticketing system enables you to open, assign, edit, track, and close tickets relating to IoT/M2M operational activities. The system provides you with a complete history and status on each ticket. Customers can open and track their own tickets from the self-care portal.

Bill and Rating Flexibility

The IoT/M2M market is comprised of multiple vertical markets each with their own rating and billing requirements. Extreme Billing offers the required flexibility to accommodate and process any type of billing structure for any IoT/M2M market vertical, from fleet management to agriculture or the healthcare sector, and anything in between.
With Extreme Billing, compiling and generating data on a single, consolidated bill using the desired invoice layouts is a breeze. And the ability to frequently and rapidly change rate plans to maximize profits and remain competitive in an ever-growing market is a simple process when performed on the Extreme Billing platform.

Additional Functionalities

Product Catalog
A robust product catalog functions as the repository of policies and marketing tactics, enabling IoT/M2M service providers to offer their customers a myriad of flexible products and pricing structures in order to support a wide range of marketing strategies. Plan definitions include the option to pool allowed usage within one account or even divide it among several account pools to optimize purchased usage.

Automated Payment
Extreme Billing has manual and automatic payment management capabilities. It enables the processing of offline and online payments such as check deposits as well as credit card payments. The solution also performs all validations applicable to each payment method.

Partner Management
Extreme Billing facilitates the handling of all financial aspects of customer and partner accounts receivable and payable and provides an accurate, comprehensive, and clear picture of an account’s open balance and pending charges. It includes measures for controlling credit risks such as “bill shock” and minimizes financial risks.

Extreme Billing provides IoT/M2M service providers with the ability to generate real-time, customized or pre-defined reports relating to different aspects of activities performed in the system. From business and financial reports to usage collection and inventory reports, all are presented in an organized layout that can be viewed on screen or printed. All reports can be exported to Excel.